chang, 2019

chang, 2019


western academy of beijing, 2004-2016

the johns hopkins center for talented youth, 2012-2015

hamilton college, 2016-2020

heidi wong is a poet, artist, philanthropist, and influencer.

ever since scribbling on magazines at seven months old, heidi has been dedicated to creating in all forms. with art, she specializes in expressionist painting and drawing. in 2015, she collaborated with phoenix new media for their annual live charity art auction, and single-handedly raised over 43,000 USD for leukemia treatment for children in rural china.

her art has not only been printed in numerous magazines such as galore, art reveal, and art ascent, but her paintings were also featured in artexpo new york. in addition, heidi has been the winner of the national art and calligraphy competition of china for six consecutive years.

equally committed to her love for poetry, heidi has been writing poems since her sophomore year of high school, and published her first poetry anthology, sixteenone year later. from this project, she donated 15,000 USD to the johns hopkins center for talented youth (cty).

after participating in cty at lafayette college and princeton university, cty named a scholarship fund after her. in 2016, the heidi wong scholarship fund was established to help other qualified students attend the program.

now with a substantial following of over 200,000 users on her instagram, @heidiwongofficial, heidi posts original work under the name (h.w.). in 2018, she was nominated for the influencer awards monaco, and won the button poetry short form contest with her poem "how i became an atheist."

in 2019, she announced her second poetry and art anthology, the blue velvet dress says i told you so, published by sevens.

having earned her international baccalaureate diploma at the western academy of beijing, heidi is currently pursuing a double major in creative writing and fine arts at hamilton college.

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