“Let’s get into a psychedelic world made of freedom and creativity. This incredible artist will show you how reality can be perceived when you have the synesthesia lens.”

— SOWOW Magazine

If you can remember what you were doing during sophomore year, it probably wasn't nearly as productive as Wong's high school career... A force to be admired, Heidi has already accomplished at such a young age what some people never hope to an entire lifetime."

— Inspades Magazine

“At only seventeen years old, Heidi raised 43,000 dollars for cancer research at Phoenix New Media China’s charity art auction, published her first poetry anthology, and already had her work in numerous international magazines. Now, at twenty, she has over 160,000 Instagram followers and her heart set on making a name for herself in the art, poetry, and social media world.”

— Akemi Sue Fisher, Authority Magazine, 2018

“Since releasing her first poetry collection at age 15 and selling her artwork on national television in China for over $43,000 for cancer research, Wong’s influence has skyrocketed. Now, in her early 20s, she has secured her name in the arts as a force to be reckoned with.”

—Thrive Global

"Heidi 独自创作、绘画的大量作品,画风独特、构图新颖,颜色鲜艳、意境深邃。受到广泛好评和赞许。

"Heidi individually creates an immense amount of artwork with her unique style, creative composition, vibrant colors, and profound conception. Her works have earned her widespread critical acclaim."

— Phoenix Media China, 2015

We were amazed with Heidi’s incredible generosity and desire to help other bright students who are less able to afford a summer at CTY. It says a lot about her.”

— Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, 2015