The Blue Velvet Dress Says I Told You So

poems & paintings

About the Book:


"The Blue Velvet Dress Says I Told You So" is a collection of poetry and paintings by artist Heidi Wong. The book deals with many humanitarian and existential issues ranging from equality, loss, neglect, and legacy.

While the book possesses heavy feminist overtones, Heidi moves toward humanitarian issues on a much larger scale using allegory that allows the work to be accessible to anyone struggling or healing. The Blue Velvet Dress is something that demands to be read and experienced by all.



“i wrote my first poem

sitting on the curved ledge by your front porch

collecting words from the spine of your sidewalk

finding stanzas in the blood

glowing from your street lights


i called you home when you warmed my fingers in the winter

i called you home when your name seared itself into my neck

when touching you meant leaving a layer of my skin behind


because by your side has always been

my favorite place in america

because your smile is the new year lights

that mark the skyline

all year long

because you gave life to something

within me

that’s still beating

even when you’re gone”